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A clean medical or dental office is essential as it brings more business to your facility. In order to provide a healthier and hygienic environment to your patients, it is important that you hire a well-trained medical and dental office cleaning service provider who can provide the best cleaning practices to meet your unique requirements.

At Janex Cleaning Services, we offer innovative and customized cleaning solutions for medical and dental offices. Cleaning medical and dental offices is a serious business and requires tremendous effort, expertise and well-trained janitors who can use the most modern products to accomplish the work. We meet all the required criteria and are considered one of the best medical and dental cleaning service providers in Irvine, Orange County.

When you choose us to clean your medical or dental facilities, we first assess the areas of the office and other crucial elements like the number of people required, equipment and cleaning solutions needed, and the minimum time required to complete all tasks. We are a 100% green company and do not use any harmful or strong chemicals for cleaning. Hence, your cleaning will be safer and free from the side effects of harmful chemicals.

We provide reasonably priced medical and dental office cleaning services in the Orange County area. We have the best janitors who are well-trained on the latest techniques and tools used for commercial cleaning. Our high level of customer service has made us popular and in-demand among the medical and dental offices based in Orange County. We can provide our complimentary walk-through and proposal at your convenience.

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